4 自治体標準データセットとGIFとの関係性 (Relationship between Municipal Standard Data Set and GIF)

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1)    GIFとは







2)    「地域サービス・データモデル・ガイドブック」記載の対応表




3)    なぜ地域サービスモデルの中に包含されたのか




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The revised proposal is closely related to the GIF. The contents of the created data are all described in the item definition document for each data set, and it is not necessary to directly refer to the GIF document in general. However, the relationship is explained below for reference information.

1)    What is a GIF?

Government Interoperability Framework (GIF) was released on April, 2022 as a technical system to realize a society in which data utilization and cooperation can be carried out smoothly with the aim of creating an environment in which anyone can easily obtain necessary information and start new services.

The GIF is promoted based on the following five principles :

・ Continuation of previous initiatives
・ Formation of rules for digital society
・ Use of reference models
・ Structured data models
・ Global collaboration

The concept of the reference model in the GIF is the same image as the "model". Users can easily create highly interoperable services by expanding the reference model according to the purpose of use or partially using the content. However, the reference model needs to be used correctly. If you think that it is just a model and change it freely, interoperability will be lost. Therefore, the reference model should not be changed as much as possible, and if it is changed, the point of change should be made clear to ensure high operability.

The data model is structured and organized so that you can work with combinations of repeating and blocked parts, along with tabular data definitions for non-technical users.

Reference Model Image

2) Correspondence table described in "Regional Service Data Model Guidebook"

In the "Regional Service Data Model Guidebook (beta version)" dated May 31, 2022, the models of the previous Recommended Data Set (2.10 version) were incorporated into the models included in the GIF in their respective conventional formats. The table below shows the correspondence.

Correspondence table

Changes in the recommended data set (local government standard data set) side due to this review will be reflected in the GIF "Regional Service Data Model Guidebook" side.

3) Why was it included in the regional service model?

Cities that have adopted the Digital Garden City National Plan Promotion Subsidy are required to conform to GIF or standard data model to ensure interoperability, and it is expected that reference to GIF implementation data model (regional service) will spread to smart cities nationwide in the future.

On the other hand, one of the issues faced by the providers of the recommended data sets up to now is that they do not know what the data sets are being provided for and that they do not know the status of utilization.

By incorporating recommended data sets into data models used in systems and services for projects related to regional services, we intend to link the development of recommended data sets with their use in regional services.

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